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Here in the Pacific Northwest it doesn’t take long for our cherished homes and structures to succumbed to our environments wet and green ways. Most wood rots from the inside out, you could be standing on top of rotten wood and not even know it. Don’t let dry rot become a nuisance in your home, it doesn’t take long for a little rot to leave your structure unsafe and in complete disrepair. Performance Renovations understands the skill, care, and work necessary to inspect, locate and effectively remove and remediate moisture along with making all necessary repairs caused by your dry rot.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team specializes in resolving all your dry rot issues. Call us today to eliminate your dry rot problem from the source.

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Don’t leave the structural support of your property at risk, let our professionals restore your home to its pristine condition.

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Trust our experts to provide you with  exceptional work, quality service and attention to detail. Trust a local team you can count on.

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Don’t be caught off guard by extensive and costly repairs. Whether you have a leak, had a leak, had a tub or toilet over flow; you could have moisture, mold and or dry rot and not even know it. Maybe you have purchased a new home and want to ensure that where your dreams start, isn’t coming from a soggy and rotten place. We urge you, don’t leave this time bomb for another day, or question whether or not it should be, or could be left… Dry rot won’t stay isolated, it can and will affect its surrounding areas if left.  The result will only continue to raise your expense to repair daily. Suspect and issue? Call and talk to our team today, and trust our experts to assist you in restoring your investment, property and all its structural integrity. We are the dry rot experts.

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